Mustardland Club Constitution

Constitution and Rules of The Mustardland Club


1. The purpose of the Club is to provide the online forum “Mustardland” for members.
2. Mustardland is an online discussion forum, encouraging discussion of a wide range of general topics, as well as the BBC Radio 4 programme The Archers.
3. The Management Committee of the Club consists of a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, and other members of the Committee who are selected by the Chair to carry out the purpose of the club and assist with fundraising.
4. Peet McKimmie is Chair for his lifetime, or until he decides to step down. He may appoint a temporary or successor Chair. In the event he is unable to do so, the Moderation team may decide on a temporary or successor Chair.
5. The purpose of any funds raised from members’ contributions is to meet the costs of running the forum, including, but not limited to, costs of hosting, software and software development, promotion and advertising, legal fees and any incidental costs that may arise from time to time. No remuneration is paid to the Chair, any member of the committee, or any moderator.
6. No distributions or payments, other than actual expenses incurred in running the club, shall be made to members while the forum is running. Any surpluses held by the club when the forum ceases shall be apportioned equally between the members of the club who are registered members on the last day the forum is running, and paid within 180 days of the forum ceasing. However, if the time and costs of distribution would be disproportionate to the amount to be paid out to each member, the Management Committee shall be authorised to pay any surplus to a charity or charities of their choice.


1. All registered users of the online forum are members.
2. Officers of the club and moderators must be drawn from the registered members.
3. No formal subscription is required, but members are invited to make voluntary contributions towards the expenses of running the forum. Contributions will not be accepted from non-members.
4. House Rules are provided on the forum for members to follow.
5. The Management Committee may propose changes in the constitution and rules by specifying the proposed changes on a thread in The Bull. Provided the number of members commenting on that thread who agree the changes is greater than the number disagreeing, the changes shall take effect within 30 days of the date of the initial proposal or such later date as the Management Committee shall decide.
6. The moderation team is selected by the Chair. Moderators may withdraw membership from any user of the forum who breaks the House Rules, and their decision is final.
7. The Chair’s decision is final in any matters concerning the format and conduct of the forum, and moderation.